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Welcome to Tangowahine School

We are a country school set amongst the picturesque Tangowahine Valley and Northern Wairoa river landscape. We are Full Primary School providing quality education for students between Year 0 – Year 8, with two classrooms. We are rated 517 on the equity index. We have fantastic facilities, new fencing which maintains our wide-open spaces, a playing field, tennis/netball court, swimming pool, and playground. There has been recent refurbishment of Room 3 which now hosts our library and is our break out space for music and drama. Our Zen garden has recently been added to help students find solitude and inner peace when necessary. In 2023 we will also have classroom upgrades and a new sensory room to help our students to self-regulate their emotions in a specially designated and designed space.

The school is well equipped with up-to-date resources, such as plenty of laptops and i-pads for students to use, interactive whiteboards, excellent physical education equipment, and construction equipment. The well-equipped environment of the school means that every child has the opportunity to engage in learning. As an enviro-school we have native bush, vegetable gardens, a school orchard and fifteen solar panels to offset our electricity consumption. We also have an enterprise plan in place to make and sell produce from our orchard and gardens.

Our Backstory

Tangowahine School was originally founded in July 1904 with the help of Mr Thomas Hawkins, as it was seen to be impossible for the children to get to Avoca School some seven miles away on account of the bad road. In 1956, the Auckland Education Board purchased 5 acres of land from Mr Thomas Hawkins, for the purpose of a new school site. The new school on its current site was officially opened in April 1964.

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